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Добавлено: 04 апр 2009, 13:18
whow ! I didn't understand that by google traduction.
There is a misunderstanding, not bad at all :D

Well, there is no "789 leaders" or whatever you call it, we work together in adhocracy and open space technologies. And we have told you that it is a free project, we don't decided for the others....

So when you read : "the hitchiking community have decided to do the second europeean week in odessa, the 7, 8, 9 th of august "
It's about 21 people who have voted for Odessa, 6 forLjubljana, SL, 3 for Karmenica, Kosovo, and others for Krakow, portugal, Island, Holland...
you can see the votes here http://hitchwiki.org/forum/?q=node/6/votes

The fact is we have put this topic the 10th of december on the Elba forum
at this date people were still propose others towns, choose for others way of organising, a challenge or not, change their vote...the vote was not finnish, nothing was choose...

So why you didn't propose and vote for Elba on the wiki ?

Other point is about organise an official meeting or not : there is a discussion on the google group from november 2008 (moved from 789 forum). So if you "hate officials" you can said why at this adress and find solutions together http://groups.google.com/group/789-coor ... 7a6e509f2d

Can we now speak in english please ?

Добавлено: 04 апр 2009, 22:48